Saturday, December 17, 2011

The kids at the world's longest indoor tube slide

As soon as we stepped into the mall from the lift lobby, Lex Slide, the world's longest indoor tube caught the guys' attention.

Make sure you watch til the end of the video for great sound effect!

Don't close the videos until you have watched Hoe (in red tee shirt) spiral down

As we were window-shopping, they couldn't help but kept wondering which floor the tube starts.  Their wish came true when we went up to the top floor and saw two young chaps manning the entrance to the tube.  Three enthusiastic pre-school kids were already getting ready for the exciting ride.  Wyng and Hoe were anticipatively observing them.  Thanks to Mom, the kids got to ride in this spiralling tube.

For something thrilling but (too) short during the holidays to make the kids happy, RM10 for each kid for 3 rides, it's not too heavy on our pockets.

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