Thursday, December 15, 2011

Is your kid a reluctant actor?

The one-eyed pirate sitting down on the left, wearing a pirate hat, in a black and white striped tee is Wyng.

With only a few lines for this year-end drama, this is a drastic difference from his main role as the bridegroom last year. Why was he given a smaller role? Mom isn't pointing the fingers at anyone except that Wyng wasn't doing his best this time. What makes Mom think so?

I remember Wyng was holding a script after his drama class one Sunday.  The following week, he had ANOTHER script! This time it was a much shorter script, just about two short lines.  When I questioned him the reason he was given a different and shorter script, he just couldn't give me a satisfactory answer.  His body language and expression told me that he forgot his script and wasn't doing a very good job. Later, I found out that he forgot where he put his old script.  Sigh... To self-comfort myself, it may be better for me to think that this villain role is better given to someone more aggressive. This Indian boy is acting the role of Pirate Joe very well. He received quite a thunderous applause.  

This guy didn't seem to enjoy the stage,his look in this photo can probably tell. Why? Was it because of the eye patch or the hat which was bothering him? I am not surprised if he wasn't comfortable with those costume accessories.  He refused to wear the necklaces initially. Mom had to bribe him again to make him wear them.

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