Sunday, December 11, 2011

Should you bribe your kids to behave?

I do know parents should not bribe their kids with money to accomplish tasks which are their responsibilities.  For example, to complete their homework or tidy up their room.

When it comes to 'additional' tasks or responsibilities, a small bribe might not be damaging. At times, I will use it even when they are asked to complete their homework on unearthly hour or time of the day such as a public holiday when they still have ample time to do the next day.

So, what do I bribe my kids to do? For teenage kids such as Hoe, it will be used for tasks such as:

* house chores on top of those which he is responsible for
* completing additional school work on top of his school or homework
* accomplish stuff which he is reluctant to do such as trying a new kind of food

For his younger brother, Wyng, bribes work for things such as:

* more work relating to studies such as completing more pages of exercises for subjects such as BM and English
* house chores such as scrubbing the toilet wall
* finish his meals at lightning speed
* sleep earlier than his usual time on holidays
It's quite hard to convince this fella to do things he won't do such as eating vegetable. He'd rather not receive any reward at all.

What's my bribe reward for them? Computer time is the best reward for them.  They would kill for it. For Wyng, television time, ice-cream or a meal at McD works as good at times.

Be careful though Mom, it may be a painful lesson if bribes are used too often.  Moderation is always the name of the game!

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