Sunday, September 11, 2011

The family's favourite food

The first time we had Teochew porridge, Wyng did not like it at all, neither was Hoe.  Mom and Daddy love  the porridge.  Surprisingly, after a few times, the kids start to love it. In fact, they were 'addicted' to this food.  Whenever it's time to decide where to eat out, "Teochew porridge!" would mostly be the kids' choice.

So, Mom started to investigate the reason they like this food.  We discover they are intrigued by the dishes which are served in small plates.  Wyng particularly love the canned ground nuts from China and the pickled radish omelette as well as stew potatoes.  They are not allowed to take the porridge but rice as the latter is more filling for them. 

As opposed to eating other local hawker food, Wyng gobbles this food without Mom's intervention at all.  This meal is not so cheap as compared to mixed rice.  With about 6 or 7 dishes, the bills comes up to around RM30.00 most of the time.  Daddy doesn't mind at all as long as Wyng enjoys it.

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