Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chilling out with the kids on Gunung Brinchang

A trip to Cameron Highlands will not be complete without going up Gunung Brinchang, by car. We never failed to access this hill each time we came. It's quite easily accessible by car but we have to be cautious of the winding narrow path leading to the hill. 

Gunung Brinchang is the second highest peak in Cameron, I just found out.  After googling about this hill, I realise we didn't get up to the peak.  Most of the time, we would go up to Sungai Palas tea plantation to have authentic tea and enjoy more breathtaking mountaineous view.  Unfortunately, this time we didn't get to go to Sg Palas as it was closed on a Monday.

If you have never explored Gunung Brinchang yet, this video takes you for a short ride up to a part of the hill.

This was Hoe's third trip and Wyng's second trip to Cameron but they had such jolly moments this time.  Tireless of posing for the camera amongst the tea plants, both these laughing kids became a little unruly as they daringly wove in and out of the infinite rows of tea plants. 
Come catch us if you can, Mom!

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