Friday, September 9, 2011

Mom bids farewell to traditional steaming

As I advocate steaming as a healthy and grease-free way of cooking for the kids, the traditional steaming with a wok has become a regular part of my cooking routine until I found this wonderful invention.  This appliance is definitely not new in the market.  Not knowing anyone close who has owned such electric steamer before, I began to google for reviews of food steamers in the market. 

After analysing some reviews, I settled for Tefal Invent food steamer. It has made my life easier in the kitchen.  Oh yes, by the way, being frugal, I had checked with my credit card reward catalogue first before surfing for reviews.  In short, I am enjoying the benefit of this wonderful appliance without forking out a single cent. 

No longer do I have to wait near the gas cooker to make sure the water in the wok doesn't dry out when I am absorbed in my work. Or run helter-skelter to the gas cooker when I realise the water in the wok is drying out.  My misjudgement can also land me having more work when I had to add water to the wok as the food wasn't 'cooked' perfectly. 

With this steamer, the steaming time can be set to suit the type of food.  The keep warm function works wonderfully for me.  Alas, I can now steam my food and leave the kitchen without having to worry about over-steamed or dried wok.

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