Friday, September 2, 2011

He was too old to join Yamaha JMC

Wyng was 6 plus when I signed him up for Yamaha Junior Music Course.  So, what's the real reason for enrolling him only at that age?  The ignorant me thought that JMC is open for kids from 5 to 6.  Another reason was that I was pre-occupied with my home business every Saturday which clashes with JMC classes held on Saturdays.  This explained why I procrastinated to send him to JMC.

It was when he passed 6 that I started to get panicky.  I want him to experience the fun and joy of learning music, like his Qo Qo.  I could have started him on the ABRSM system but the boring one-to-one lesson with the teacher may just kill his interest in music.  I still prefer the Yamaha system.  I used to enjoy looking at Hoe singing and clapping joyously to the music with his classmates.

After making a few enquiries and persistent follow-up with the Yamaha centre as well as tonnes of patience, we were finally able to attend a week-day class on Tuesday nights.  Initially, I was rejected by the frontline staff on the reason that Wyng was overaged. The relentless me who doesn't take 'No' for an answer easily, pleaded that they gave me a try as I had been following up for a weekday night class to be opened since a few months before Wyng turned 6.  It was only after my pestering that they later allowed me to talk to the teacher. 

It was easy convincing the music teacher as she was a nice and understanding lady.  Agreeing that Wyng was too 'old' to join JMC, she nevertheless kindly allowed Wyng to join her class.  I sincerely told her I wanted Wyng to experience the joy of learning music in a group and in a fun way. Any dedicated teacher will not turn away an eager learner.

As can be seen from this video taken during his third lesson, Wyng (in yellow tee) towered over all his classmates who were aged from 3 plus to 5 plus.  Well, he was quite enthusiastic at first.  Following the notes and instructions wasn't difficult for him.  His singing sessions were a little awkward as he wasn't really singing passionately.  Nevertheless, he followed the crowd.  It was only towards the second month that I sensed his enthusiasm dwindled.

Wyng started to give remarks such as, "They are so childish" which I didn't deny as the younger kids could barely comprehend the poor but patient teacher's instructions.  Those 3 plus kids were too young to join JMC, they still needed to be babysat.  I salute to the teacher's passion and patience.  I,too, was getting impatient with those kids.  Not only was Wyng feeling out of place, I felt the same way too when I could feel that Wyng wasn't enjoying learning with them. 

He stood out among the younger kids in terms of height and age.  Anyway, I persisted as I wanted to be sure that it wasn't an impulsive decision to take him out of the class so soon.  It wasn't long,about three months when Wyng had to drop out. Anyway, thanks to the teacher who gave him a chance, the JMC wasn't suitable for him.

He's either not musically-inclined or starting him with JMC at the age of 6 plus was the wrong move.

Strike while the iron is hot, Mom needs to know this is so true a lesson to learn for the benefits of the kids.

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