Monday, September 5, 2011

Strolling down memory lane with the kids

Despite having been to Cameron for four to five times, this place failed to attract my interest until the recent trip. It was only after some persuasion by the kids that I agreed to walk into this 'tunnel', well, it's not exactly a tunnel.  My, I was in for a pleasant surprise!  At the end of this visit, I was glad that the kids were persistent enough to convince Mom to change her mind.

Walking through the place was like taking a stroll down memory lane.  It reminded me about my childhood and teenage as well as the early part of adulthood.  The kids actually caught Mom and Daddy's enthusiasm as we walked on enthusing and feasting our eyes on a wide array of old and antique items on display.

'Tikam' was what Daddy called this.  This used to be my favourite but we rarely had a chance to play as our parents were not financially comfortable enough to give us so much of pocket money. 

Looking at this old Gameboy reminds me of the current PS2 or PS what version now.  Kids are so fortunate nowadays that almost each of them can be seen playing a PS but not my kids.  How satisfied were we then if we could even own this?

Just a few weeks ago, I was talking to Hoe about this favourite pastime of mine.  I was telling him about how in those days kids don't get to play electronic gadgets. We actually had to make our own toys or games.   I told them how their Mom used to make dozens of fashionable clothings for these picture models when Mom was not given any money to buy these.  Indirectly, I was trying to tell him that he can still enjoy with less things. 

 Ermm...Sarsi was my favourite drink during the Chinese New Year. Kids nowadays are so lucky that they get to savour soft drink in cans. For us, we only get to do this during festivals such as Chinese New Year. We cherish more of things we don't get enough of.

My family could only afford a telephone when I was in upper secondary.  Unlike now, where the kids do not even appreciate a telephone but keep demanding for a camera or 3G mobile phone.

Still remember these piggy banks?  These remind me of fun fairs in those days. Going to fun fairs was one of the outings we'd love to go.  Now, these lacklustre fun fairs are deserted as they failed to entice kids with the thrill-filled rides we have at Sunway Pyramid.

We could only have one of these sharpeners or erasers during our time. This is definitely a contrast with the dozens of stationery items kids can possess nowadays.  I reminded my kids that they should appreciate the many sharpeners and stationeries they own now.

Roller skates!  Mom's favourite when she was young.  However, we could only own ONE pair to be shared among three girls in the family.  And, we were not allowed to go outdoor to play this. So, we ended up playing along narrow and short balcony of our old flat.

This visit gave the kids a very valuable lesson that Mom didn't have a lot to enjoy last time.  And, they should appreciate what they have now. This trip is much better than just talking to them as they got to see in their own eyes what Mom used to have. 

Verdict by the kids supported by Mom : this is the BEST museum that we have visited.  

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