Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Should I sell the piano?

Now that Hoe has taken his Grade 5 piano exams and would not be attending music classes (not until he has decided whether he will commit some time to piano), the piano seems to be a white elephant at home. Not only that, it reminds me (and Daddy) of the hard-earned money spent on investing for a piano for the kids.

It is almost a month now since his practical exam, and the piano is still untouched! Dusts is thickening day by day.  My reminders to play the piano (play just for fun) fell on deaf ears.  Probably a sterner reminder is called for. Or perhaps a threat will work better. 

Wyng is not musically-inclined to want to even learn the piano. So, there is no hope on him to even touch the piano.

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