Thursday, November 8, 2012

I made him cook lunch

I think this is the most productive things he had done throughout the short break from the moment his PMR was over til today.

Trying to make him contributing to something at home and not just sit himself for hours in front of the idiot box and computer, I made him prepare lunch.  It doesn't matter if it's just simple lunch.  He was under my close supervision.  Standing next to him in our kitchen, he was directed step by step patiently how to cook steam chicken with potatoes, my first even menu and the best thing, the kids' favourite. 

Well, to motivate him to do this more willingly, I promised him a reward, a monetary reward. Well, as a student and an owner of a mobile phone, he needs to find a source to get money to top up his communcative device. So, earning a small allowance during the holidays is one of the ways to sustain his 'lifestyle' ie of having the luxury to use a mobile phone.

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