Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What a creature!

These are found on the floor next to the wall

These are 'collected' in a container under the kitchen cabinet

It seems unacceptable! It was just slightly less than a month and I get an unwelcomed visit from these intruders. (On the other hand, I wonder if we are called intruders of nature by these creatures..) They first appeared alive in a number of about more than ten at first on my kitchen table top under the cabinet. The sight intimidated me and was so disgusting. Anyhow, I learned to live with them, with less freaking, in about a day as we collected them in a container as evidence that they are still invading our residence. We cursed the pest control company for not being able to eradicate these mighty creatures before we move in. Why should we share our home with these creatures? Calling the pest control company was the next course of action. Believe me, I have a strong feeling that I would be living with these creatures for some time. They will definitely make more appearances in my life.

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