Sunday, December 2, 2012

What can you do at Cameron Highlands?

The Water Cress Valley was our choice of visit this time. We'd never stepped into this farm previously. To make our visit interesting, we wanted to try this out.  We didn't walk around the fly-infested farm.  Lazing and enjoying the fresh and cool air at the restaurant on top of the farm, tried the water cress and its drink.  The vegetables was fresh and crisp. Mind you, we already had our lunch prior to visiting the farm but we just could not resist trying this highland's produce.

Fresh water cress as 'dessert'

Water cress drink
Wyng, trying his hands at the photo-shooting
This time around, I was also more open to allow my kids to snap my pictures.  When I was not holding my Canon,  I encouraged them to snap tonnes of pictures of the countless vibrant flowers in this highland.  Looks like I am learning to appreciate these flora now.  Not only that, there were many unique flowers which captivated us.  

And after this trip, I notice my photography skill improved. One stone killed a few birds. Scenic view, fresh air, fresh vegetables, feast to the eyes, learn more about nature and many more...

We are familiar with the swimming stingray but not these which grow on trees.  These are stingray flowers. Wyng couldn't help but be mesmerised by this rare species. 
Wyng admiring the stingray flower (the dark red with white dots)

Posing closely with the stingray flower

White hibiscus
I've never seen a white hibiscus until this trip. Not only that, the hibiscus here are much larger than those we normally see in hotter weather.

Despite so many trips to Cameron, this was the first time I saw live lavender. They are so pretty, aren't they?
Lantern flower
Solanum mommosum 
This yellow fruits look familiar? I remember them as one used by my mother for prayers.
Long gourds (left-growing, right-as decorative)

High-heeled shoes flower
Chilli red tomatoes
Flora, flora, I wish I can take you home and put you in my garden

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