Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Do your kids have grey hair?

Mine did about two years ago. Mom was very concerned if this boy was going to be 'prematurely' aging.  I am  sure that the grey hair at such a young age is caused by certain mineral deficiencies.

So, Mom googled and discovered that grey hair is caused by zinc deficiency.  And thankfully I still had some a bottle of Nutrilite zinc magnesium supplement in the fridge.  I had bought a bottle or two of health supplement including Vitamin C for the kids but as they grow older, they seem to be choosy and refuse to chew the not-so-appealing supplement.

For a few months, Mom diligently fed Wyng with regular doses of zinc magnesium.   Not wanting to be overly confident, I did notice the less visibility of grey hand on his head.  In fact, after a few more months, the unsightly grey hair are all gone.

Now, after almost 2 years, he has a headful of dark hair.  Thanks to the zinc supplement.

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