Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I have a bigfoot kid

He had worn out two pairs of sandals in less than 6 months.  Didn't I say he is a terminator? I didn't exaggerate.    After ruining a rather good quality pair of sandals,  the casual Bata sandals I bought him aren't durable enough for his rough characteristics.  In fact, I bought two pairs which received the same fate.

With the second pair of ruined Bata sandals, he was still able to 'cling on' to them as he wore them.  So, Mom went hunting for another durable pair hopefully, a value buy.  To my surprise, Wyng' feet have grown so much that he is now close to outgrowing shoes of kids' size.  If I were to buy kids' size shoes for him, they would not last him two months as they fit just nicely, with no space to allow for 'expansion'.

So, off we went to the adult section at Jusco.  We were quite glad that we found a pair of size 5 adult sandals with rather small cutting.  The length of his feet fits the sandals but not the width.  Being barely 9, his feet definitely lacks the meat to fit the sandals comfortably unless he wears a pair of socks.  How funny to be wearing socks with sandals?  Feeling 'loose' and uncomfortable in that pair of sandals, he persuaded me not to buy them which I agreed, of course. He had to endure another couple of days wearing the 'torn' sandals.

I was so relieved I got what I wanted from this shoe shop at Wangsa Walk.  The adult sandals are also available in size 3!  Though they are priced at RM39.90, I didn't hesitate.  I've learnt my lessons for buying him sandals under RM30, I ended up spending more as those wore out faster than I can imagine.

Let's see how long this new pair lasts.

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