Friday, March 9, 2012

IT gadgets, a boon or a bane?

Here are the scenarios....

In the company of the wonder gadget
The iPad is a toy to these enthusiastic kids
Gone are the conventional toys, picture cards, cars, Lego puzzle, even the favourite toys for boys, the guns are not seen anymore.  An iPad seems to be the must-have now, in most households.  We now see kids engrossed in playing Angry Bird or other digital games on either an iPad, iPhone or any smart phone or laptop/Netbook.

I often see preschool kids in front of such gadgets in public places such as restaurants while the parents are busy chatting away. No communication with the kid while the kid's eyes are glued to the small monitor.  So, this IT gadget has replaced toys? Is it going to limit communication soon?

3 fighting for a laptop, to Facebook, of course!
For most teens, Facebooking has become a daily routine for them.  I doubt they will pass a day without updating their status on Facebook.  If this gadget brings these teens closer together, this seem to be a good thing.  What if one of the become an evil and start to dominate the laptop? What will ensue? A fight for computer? Well, this happens when there is only ONE of such gadget around. So, is less better so that they learn the meaning of sharing?  Imagine, a laptop to each kid. Each will be in his world, no interaction among them.  They may probably be 'talking' in the cyber world, but not in person.You know what I mean? More isn't necessarily better.

All huddled together, just to get a glimpse of the iPhone and other smart phone
From this picture, the gadget seemed to draw them together. How often can you see such closeness among cousins other than to browse the ever amazing things on the net?

Wyng has been in this squatting position for a good few hours, using his aunty's Netbook
Wyng, as seen here in Aunty Flo's house, enjoying hours (at least four) of games without any interruption and restriction.  Yeah, this can only happen during family gatherings.  During this time, we didn't see him visit the toilet. Understandable as he didn't drink much.  Guess what? He suffered cramps after this indulgence.  What an unhealthy pastime? He will never get to do this at home!

Here are how kids behave without the wonder gadget..
Without an iPad, restless and frustrated?
Since there were no toys around, these kids seemed restless in the absence of the gadget.  Nothing said, just sulking.
A 'hostile' kid, walking away after the iPad was dominated by an older cousin

Let's take a good nap since there is no iPhone
I hope they were indulging in some kind of cousin talk. At times, it is better to be free from the wonder gadget for a while.  Afterall, it's always the 'personal touch' which is better. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting the physical aspect of it but the personal sharing of thoughts and ideas.

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