Friday, March 2, 2012

Do you teach your kids to use chopsticks?

I don't.  I don't see the need to really teach them as they will sooner or later pick up the skill.  Wyng is a natural at it.  He surprised all of us when he used the chopsticks like a pro during his pre-school years.  In fact, he may be using the correct method even better than Mom.

He doesn't like a fork for his noodles.  Whenever he eats out, he will be handed a fork, much to his annoyance, as most kids don't know or don't prefer chopsticks. A pair of chopsticks will be requested as I have to explain to the hawker or food helper that he CAN use the chopsticks.

At 4 years 2 months, eating his favourite dried noodle.
Barely 4 and a half years old then, savouring his favourite food

At Poh Poh's (Grandma) house,he accepted a challenge to pick a small piece of meat using the chopsticks . He was 5 years and 5 months old.
As far as I can recall, Hoe didn't use the chopsticks properly until he was in middle primary school.  Anyway, compared to Wyng, Hoe's motor skills are weaker.

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