Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The third pair of glasses for my kid

Possessing a terminator's abilities, it is not surprising that he broke his glasses again for the second time. As can be seen from the picture, it was obvious the screw came off causing the lense to fall off from the frame.  As though this was not 'rough' enough of him, he must have sat on the glasses causing the frame to bend in the middle. As usual, he pointed his finger to his friend.

Thankfully, he inherited two pairs of old glasses from his Qo Qo, which were still in very good condition despite being six years old.  Anyway, his Qo Qo wasn't really short-sighted, he just followed the crowd.  He hardly wore them. 

The glasses just needed a change of lenses to suit his shortsightedness and alas! they look brand new.

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