Saturday, January 21, 2012

Does your kid destroy things?

Mine does, lots of them.

School bags, glasses, pencil cases, books, school shoes, to just name a few.  The latest one being his shoes.  At least this pair as pictured was something like more than a year old.

Dad bought him a sandal which lasted less than 6 months.  The strap just came off from the base. I wonder whether it was the sub-quality Bubble Gummers or just his 'roughness' when he walked or ran.

Compared to Hoe, his school shoes don't last as long.  He is capable of ruining two pairs of school shoes in less than a year. Well, I normally buy him a pair of X-brand shoes and another pair would be the better quality Bata or Pallas shoes.  The 'branded' shoes didn't get treated better by him.

Isn't it expensive to 'maintain' this kid?

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