Friday, February 3, 2012

Look who are helping to springclean

Having no maid at my disposal, maintaining the house can get really challenging.  Thankfully, I have two guys who can give me a great helping hand in such times.

Spring cleaning can be really backbreaking for a house like ours.  After some delegation with clear instructions and the compulsory follow-up after a chore, we have a reasonably clean house to usher the Chinese New Year.

Wyng taking out the bulbs from the Christmas tree

Back into the box until the next year can't go anywhere now.

Magic wiper does the job better here
Lesson from the kids - When Mom gets too tired from her endless chores, get the kids involved. Sometimes, the kids, especially the younger ones, will be too happy to be part of what we are doing.  If they get too reluctant or lazy bones start to appear, 'bribe' them.  Do the job together with them, not just sit back.  At the end of a chore, the kids and you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction, having accomplished a tough job together.

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