Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pests, pests, go away and never come back

What do you think this looks like?

Not an air freshener.Certainly not a special-purpose power point as no wires are visible.  Is it some kind of hi-tech sensor?

Something I never knew existed until we went hunting for something to ward off mosquitoes from our home. Mosquitoes are found in 'abundance' in our home.  Unfortunately, they mostly prey on me, not my other half.  They love my 'sweet' blood, it seems.   Once in a while, my kids fall victims to them and my Mom too.

They attack me when I'm washing dishes in the kitchen, when I'm hanging the laundry at the car porch and of course in the study room and bedroom.  I can even find them in the toilet while taking my shower.  My most torturous moments with them are when I am enjoying watching television in the living room.

This repellent here is the second one that we bought. The first one is one of those that come with a UV light.  It is supposed to chase away mosquitoes instead of the UV light ones which attract the pests before killing them.  Equipped with a buzzing sound (only audible to mosquitoes), it will only be effective after being turned on for 1 month, it seems and works the best for rooms with area of something like 2,000 square feet.

Nothing seems to be different in the first few weeks.  I still find mosquitoes in my room. However, they do not seem to 'bite' me. After having this in my room for a few months now, (I still find one or two of these creatures flying in my room), I can say that the mosquitoes seem to be made 'less active' that I don't get attacks from them.

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