Monday, February 13, 2012

What pests can you find in your house?

Can you imagine this creature in your home?
First, the relentless mosquitoes. Then, come the cats. (Well, if they are not welcomed, I will consider them pests though certain households treat these kinds of beasts their pets). Oh, I shouldn't forget the ever mighty termites.

I was in for a shock when one fine day my neighbour next to me told me the neighbour living beside her found a poisonous snake in their toilet.  According to her, The Fire Brigade had confirmed that it's a rare kind of poisonous snake and it had been sent to the zoo.

I've had cats coming into our car porch. Once, the irritating feline walked into our house and finding its way upstairs until my other half yelled and threw a newspaper at it.  Now, a snake is really hard to comprehend! Where the world did this kind of creature come from? And, we are residing in an urban area... Nothing seems to escape these slithery creatures? I can never imagine finding a snake in my house.. and worse still, a poisonous one. So, after this incident, I will surely take more precautions just in case this creature find its way to my house. My windows, at the kitchen and toilet, would be shut more often.

If there are snakes in the neighbourhood, I will not be surprised to find spiders (not the tiny ones ah) and other creepy crawlies in the future.  Eee....