Monday, February 20, 2012

Do you ground your teen for hacking?

His previous acts
Is your teen a computer hacker?   
Does your kid hack into your computer account?
My kid did it again!

He's an opportunist when it comes to hacking. He wouldn't forego any opportunity to hack my computer.

Just when Mom is reminded to be extra vigilant, she has forgotten again to shut down the computer after a late night,'s actually in the morning 1am... completing some last minute preparation for her classes the next day.  When he wants to do it, he will try all means. The saying "When there is a will, there is a way" can never be truer for this effort of his.  How does he know when to wake up in the wee hours of the morning and access the PC to see if it's accessible?  He has to pray real hard for Mom to keep forgetting to shut down the PC.

This time, he was smarter than his previous act.  Instead of removing Daddy's password, he changed the password.  I had earlier told him that I had checked if he's done anything to my PC clicking on Daddy's user account icon and it'll be fine if there's a password request. By just changing the password and not removing it, Mom may just stop at clicking the user account icon and not proceed to type the password.

I was smarter than him this time, I'm glad that I was but I was not glad that this guy never gives up with his notorious act.  Sigh.. I said I was smarter because I discovered his deed in about one day.  I proceeded to type Daddy's password (I set the password for Daddy and will give it to him. The password that Daddy sets are too easy even Wyng has no problem with it.) and lo and behold!  Incorrect!

What on earth is he trying to prove? He never tires!  Just when I had just the night before denounced that he would have his mobile phone confiscated for one month if he continues with his 'crime', he did it again. I am beginning to get a little adaptive to this intelligent and secretive deed of his.  I tell myself that each time I turn on the PC, I will click on Daddy's user account icon and type the password to make sure Hoe has not meddle with it.

He derives thrill by hacking the computer.  He doesn't see anything wrong with that as long as he gets to use the computer, even without his Mom's knowledge.  And by the way, my Mom is one of the first few persons to discover his 'date' with the computer at unearthly hours of the day and decided to keep mum about it for a while.

It's not that Mom does not know the root of the problem but this guy must be made to understand what he does is not right.  It's not uncommon for him to defy my instructions but until he learns obedience and discipline is the rule of the game, he will not get any computer time. He has committed too many 'sins' that he had yet to repent and giving him this 'must-have' (computer time, of course!) is not a priority yet.

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