Sunday, January 29, 2012

A painful lesson for the kid

What a way to celebrate the CNY? Another first.  Playing fireworks can be so much fun but if done not following safety rules, disasters will definitely strike.

Hoe and his cousin, holding the sparks, a few at one go. 

What thrill to just hold one single sparkle and just watch it burn? So, playing and holding a few sticks at one go seem more exhilarating.  But, watch out!

Wyng, trying to do the same, despite warning 

Wyng, despite warnings from Mom, Daddy and aunties, chose to imitate his Qo Qo and heroically held a few with his small and new hand.  Successful at his first attempt, this encouraged him to do it again.  Ahh, he learnt his lesson as he was seen flinging away a few burning sticks and next he was seen squatting down, frowns of pain appearing on his pitiful face with his welling eyes, not being able to utter a word.

Too late to regret! Notice the tooth paste on his left hand.

The result of mischief..burnt palm and fingers.

And, what do you get if you don't heed advice? Blisters at five spots. Notice the two bigger ones and the minor parts burnt. Either the burns weren't so serious or this guy has 'thick' skin. He wasn't even cringing in pain when I helped to shower him.

The next morning, he didn't complain about the pain at all.  He was able to do his normal work. He even did his Kumon, that means he wasn't really hurt.  But, I believe the burn has taught him a lesson.  

When his concerned aunty sms-ed him, he replied, "Half-healed but my mother don't let me play computer."
Reply from his auntie, "That's good, so you have learned a good lesson."  Wyng, still so crazy about the computer games responded, "But I still need to use my right hand because it still hurts."

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