Saturday, November 24, 2012

We will not visit Cameron Highlands

Not until after five years, at least.

In love with the cool and fresh air, Mom and Dad decided to take the kids to the tea highland again. Our second trip there in two years.

This was the fourth trip for Hoe and the third for Wyng since the last six years, if my memory doesn't fail me. So seasoned are we about the highland that the kids can almost tell what the next activity was as we hopped from one spot to another.

Our usual first stop, Cameron Valley Tea House, where we savoured some cakes and drank the famous tea.

The sign speaks for itself

Lemongrass tea for Dad and the conventional teh tarik for Mom
The strawberry cheesecake and marble cake were yummy that each of us had our own piece.

To break the routine a little, this time we didn't go up to Gunung Brinchang, which we normally do.  Instead of snapping pictures amidst those tea trees, we opted to do so at  the second Cameron Valley Tea House at Bharat tea plantation on the way to Brinchang.

While waiting for the kids to explore the plantation, Mom relaxed at the tea house
Too sunny..

Who's that behind me?

Obliging for the camera
What can you do at Cameron Highlands?

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