Thursday, November 22, 2012

How to help your kid to earn some pocket money?

Since it's school holidays and they don't go to school, hence no pocket money for them. We can easily give them pocket money to spend but wait a minute.  Why not make them contribute some of their young and abundant energy to some good cause, at least at home?

Make them do your housework for you. During schooldays, with homework and extra-curricular activities, they may not have time to even wash their own dishes, not to mention to help out Mom in other housework. So, assign them housework which they don't normally have the time to do.  Pay them their pocket money right after they complete their task.  This way, they can feel the instant gratification.

I made Hoe cook lunch that day, with my close guidance and supervision. The menu was my steam chicken and potato. Today, he was pretty left on his own to cook fried rice, except for some pointers and reminders.

He was also made to wash my car.  It was done so quickly, so don't expect a clean car such as that washed by the 'professional' car washer.  Another task he helped me was to tidy up and tie the stacks of old books to be given away to the underpriviliged for recycling.

Hoe will never say 'No' as he needs the money to top up his Hotlinks.

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