Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our trip to Langkawi was too short

Simply because we didn't get to walk on the much-talked about Sky Bridge.  It was closed for maintenance until further notice when we got there.  There was much anticipation about 'walking in the sky' but all was tarnished as soon as we reached the cable car station.

Langkawi Sky Bridge was closed for maintenance
Not only that, we were taken for a ride (literally we WERE taken for a boat ride to a so-called bat cave) when we were supposed to visit a place called Gua Kelawar (Cave of Bats). Instead, we were taken to this place, as shown below. Even our small boat couldn't get into the cave.  Alas! we were charged an extra RM15 per person for a ride to this place, the fish farm and the eagle feeding place.
Where are the bats?
Pulau Payar is supposed to be a place for snorkelling of which the kids were looking forward to.  But, we were told that this island is far from Kuah and needs about a day to reach. Hence, we had to forego this plan since we had limited time at Langkawi.

We also didn't get to go to Bird Paradise. The only bird we got to see was a talking parrot at Underworld Park.  Go-Kart was a place we wanted to go if there was enough time. Hoe would be enjoying this kind of sports car ride.

Perdana Gallery, we were told about this PM Museum at the jetty. We'd love to visit this memorable place to have an insight of what kind of gifts our former Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir received during his tenor as the head of Malaysia then.

We missed these places too Snake Sanctuary and Lagenda Park. I remember passing by this park which is just a stone's throw away from the Kuah Jetty but we just didn't even have time to pay a visit here. What a waste!  Waterfalls, all three of them, Seven Wells, Temurun and Durian, we missed going too.  Just for the kids to experience, we should just drop by Pasir Hitam (Black Sand) Beach.

Daddy said we probably need a 7-day trip to be able to visit all these places.  I really don't mind another visit especially when we haven't even stepped onto the world-renowned Sky Bridge yet.

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