Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First Robotics class

For someone who loves to assemble robots, Transformers or aeroplanes and what not, Robotics is just right for him.

It got me thinking and looking for a while the kind of activities that Wyng may like. I finally found something which I think will be his cup of tea.  When I introduced the concept of using a computer software to assemble robots, Wyng jumped to the idea.  And he actually waited for more than a month before he finally managed to lay his hands, for the first time, on those small pieces of Lego parts.

It was quite a memorable first day at the class as we were late. Actually, we would not have been late if not for the slow service at the eatery at Summit where the centre is. While waiting for our lunch and in order to maximise our time, we actually hurried to the centre and registered Wyng.  Registration was a breeze, no hassle at all.

Hurrying through his lunch but didn't finish it, Wyng started the class 15 minutes late.  Every child has a computer in front of them and fortunately a seat seemed to be deliberately left vacant for Wyng.  We were convinced that Wyng had only missed a small part of the session.  After making sure that Wyng was all ready for the session we left the centre.

Looking patiently for the right parts 

6cm, 10cm, where are you?
When we went back to fetch Wyng after about 1 hour and 45 minutes (it's a 2-hour session),  most of the kids had their robot models successfully assembled.  Wyng was seen still busy scampering but in really serious mode between his workstation and the boxes of Lego parts on the floor, searching for the right parts.

As it was about time to round up the session, a teenage boy was seen helping Wyng with the getting the parts and assembly.  In just a while, Wyng was asked to be at the competition board.  He, just like the other kids, was given a time span to shoot the targets.  Alas! He managed to score -60 because he also shot down a police which gave him a demerit!

Done, finally!
Wyng's first robot assembly, with some guidance.  To make sure that Wyng is able enough to handle the course, I went to enquire the reason for his 'slowness'.   I was told that the mission (robot assembly) on that day was slightly on the tough side and being his first class, Wyng faced some difficulties.

Here's the masterpiece!
Some kids who had completed assembling their robots first were competing in some kind of shooting competition on the floor.  Here, it was Wyng's turn with his shooting mission. Not that successful but it was all about fun.  Somehow, his name was announced as the recipient of an excellence award. Anyway, it's a good way just to get the kid's enthusiasm going.  The reward is a little 'achievement' sticker in his record.

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