Friday, December 24, 2010

Eating fruits

This post appeared in my previous 'lost' blog on 1 Nov 2007. I managed to salvage a copy and here it is.

H was not picky as W with fruits. Now, even though not very adventurous, H takes a few types of fruits such as apples (his favourite), bananas and grapes. That's about all. W sticks to apples only. He used to take bananas but recently rejects them.

This eating habit was in a way developed from young and partly my fault. When H turned 6 months, being a first-time mother and very conscious of nutrition, I fed him fruits almost on a daily basis. I even went to the extent of varying the fruits that I fed him hoping that he would be able to enjoy different vitamins and take a liking to a variety of fruits when he is older. I started off with apples (the safest to start with as the Chinese believe that other fruits such as bananas and oranges will promote formation of phlegm, watermelon is too cooling for the young). Later, papaya is introduced. Each day would be different fruits such as kiwi fruit, plum and grapes. I tried to give him orange juice and mix with water. Somehow, H didn't prefer it probably because of its sour flavour.

As for W, not many attempts were taken to feed him fruits. I only fed him apples, and even then, I only did so not until he was one plus. With H's growing demands for my attention to coach him on his studies, I had less time to care for W's nutritional needs.

As a result, W does not take much liking to fruits. And,it will depend on his mood too. H is crazier for apples.

I tried to make it up. Apples were given daily to them when W was in pre-school. I've learnt that eating habits must be developed from young. How I wish I can turn back the clock and start all over again for W? But, late is better than never. Both are still growing, and their eating habits may change over time.

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