Sunday, December 26, 2010

School Holidays Soon

This post appeared on the 14th of Nov 2007 in my 'lost' blog. Here is a reposting.

This week will mark the end of schooling for government schools. What does this mean to me? It's more sleeping time and less stress, of course. I can sleep for an additional one and half hours more.

What's the most heavenly is I can say goodbye (for 7 weeks, good enough) to my nightmarish nights of the weekdays. Temporarily gone will be the rush back from office, literally pouring down my dinner to my digestive system, dashing straight to the bathroom to take my 5-minute shower. My screaming for my two guys to assemble in the room for their homework will be unheard of for awhile. Tension will not be felt so much. Instead, there'll be more laughter.

Oh! I am looking forward to the school holidays as much as H. Well, my duties are not taking a break though. I have to think of productive activities to occupy my guys. I've got a few lined up for H. I need to think of a couple of activities for W to enjoy too.

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