Saturday, December 25, 2010

Assessment report of Wyng

This post appeared in my 'lost' blog on 14 Nov 2007. I am posting this same one in this blog. Happy reading!

I met Wyng's school teacher today to collect his Progress Report. Here's extract of the report:

Personal/Social/Emotional Development

Wyng is a very affectionate and pleasant child. He's independent and always seeks friends to play with. He has excellent rapport with all the teachers and communicates easily with his peers. However, he shares his toys only when persuaded. He is a very helpful child and loves to help the teachers tidy up the toys in the classroom.

Physical Development/Music/Creativity

He is an active child and enjoys being outdoors. He is left handed and has well-developed pincer grip.

W is a very imaginative and creative child, loves to pretend play. Enjoys Arts & Craft very much and drawing too especially his daddy and mummy. He enjoys music and movement but needs to be reminded to sit down and listen at times.

Cognitive Development

He is a fast learner and able to grasp what is being taught. However,he seems to have short attention span at times. He 'dreams' while doing his paperwork and has to be reminded not to disturb other children. Able to rote count from 1-20 and he is able to write 1,2,3,4,7 and 10 confidently.

W identifies all the colours, even the lighter and darker shades. He is able to write his name confidently and can identify all of the alphabets confidently.

Language Development

He speaks simple English clearly enough to be understood and sometimes speaks in expanded sentences.

General Comments

He is a happy child, is gentle and caring. Sometimes, he gets upset seeing other children cry and would try to comfor them by giving them tissues or by just sitting next to them. He can be quite sensitive at times but feels reassured when given a hug and a cuddle by the teacher.

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