Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pulau Langkawi is the best island destination - Part 2

We had originally planned to go to Langkawi Cable Car after island-hopping.  To our dismay, it was raining when we reached the station and due to the rain, the cable car had to be closed temporarily until the rain stopped.  We also discovered that the Sky Bridge was also closed for maintenance. Sigh... we may be missing 2 very crowd-puller spots.

Not wanting to waste our time, we headed for Underwater World after checking the map for the next nearest tourist spot.  Mom and Daddy are actually not very keen on visiting this kind of park but for the sake of the kids, we don't really mind especially with the disappointment of the closed cable car.

So, after paying for the fare, Dad 'summoned' all of us to better spend more time in the park with the money that he had parted with to get us in there.  Thinking it is just any normal waterworld, we started our venture without much expectation. We were quite impressed when we discovered that there are a few sections, namely the Tropical Rainforest, Sub-antartica, fresh water, marine life, coral and even the reptilium.

Striking a pose in front of a shoal of fish
Don't the fish look huge? 

The guys posing in front of one of the many enormous aquariums
For an entry fee of RM38 per adult and RM28 for child, all of us agree that this is the best underwater world we've been to, beating even Singapore's Sentosa Underwater World. Oh, after discount, adults needed to pay only RM28 provided we show our Mykad.  Kids can enter with just RM18 but unfortunately we don't carry their Mykads around.

A fur seal, hanging upside down, in its tank

The fur seal, known as a social animal, here seemed to be enjoying life in the water tank.  When we were there, the seals were joyfully swimming around, as though somersaulting in the water.  What's being captured here was one of the seals performing a 'headstand' whilst clapping its flippers.  They really looked contented and happy living in the tank and they even seemed to be enjoying our company as we watch their antics in amazement.

Wyng's eyes literally opened up when he feasted his eyes on the countless creatures exhibited.  Most of these were those he has seen on TV and a chance to see these creatures in real life excite him.

Jellyfish, the invertebrate without brain, nervous system and blood
Mom was amazed with this spineless creature. They seem mysteriously elusive and lethal although superficially they look fragile.

This was one of the many miniature seahorses we saw

Yellow cup coral
We've seen many corals elsewhere but not this yellow cup coral at Langkawi's Underwater World.

Lobophyllia brain coral
The name speaks for itself, brain-like.
Bubble coral
After a satisfying and educational visit here, we proceeded to a duty-free shop just adjacent to this park.  As it was still drizzling, we gathered that the Cable Car might still be closed.  Our plan to visit it had to be postponed to the following day, our last day on the island.

We spent the rest of the evening walking along Pantai Cenang. This place is something like those shops along Penang's Ferringhi Beach.  Though there are numerous souvenir shops, they are almost identical except for a handful of unique shops.

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