Friday, June 8, 2012

Pulau Langkawi is the best island destination - Part 1

Having been to this island 18 years ago, little did we realise that this island has transformed into a bustling tourist spot, packed with numerous places of interest ranging from the mesmerising marine view and aqua activities to the historical museums and parks.

After our arrival at Kuah Jetty and gotten our rented Viva, we headed for our hotel, Bayview City. Car rental promoters swarmed us like bees as soon as we touched the jetty from the ferry.  So, no worries about where and how to get transport to move around this small but bustling town.  Wasting no time, we drove to the nearest spot, Eagle Square. There, Wyng was intriqued by the giant eagle.  We snapped countless pictures with the breathtaking horizon as our background.
Enjoying sunset at Eagle Square with the boys
Let's fly!
Dinner was just nearby at Saloma Nasi Lemak. Saloma, if this is the name of the owner of the restaurant, is enterprising enough to have her restaurant signage placed in a few places all over Kuah town.  There are various types of nasi lemak sold, from the common rendang ayam and beef to the sambal kerang.  Their speciality is rendang itik (duck) but we didn't try as we don't fancy ducks.  Nice ambience, good food, not too expensive.  We also ordered 3-flavour fish (ikan 3-rasa) from a stall next door.  The 3 flavours were spicy, sweet and sour. Not too bad for our first dinner meal there.
Wyng couldn't resist but blow off the little flame on the table. 
My sinful rendang beef nasi lemak
My rendang beef nasi lemak came with only a few pieces of beef, not enough to satisfy my hunger pang.  We called it a night after dinner and headed back to our hotel.  After being on the road for more than 8 hours, all of us especially Daddy were dead tired.

On the second day of our 3D2N trip, early in the morning, we made a beeline to the jetty to take us for island-hopping.  This was the first time that we woke up sooo early to have our buffet breakfast in the hotel. We couldn't believe the discipline that all of us had by being at the cafe before 8 am.

At the jetty to Island of the Pregnant Maiden

We were supposed to go island-hopping at 3 islands ie Pulau Beras Basah (Wet Rice Island), Pulau Dayang Bunting (Island of the Pregnant Maiden) and Pulau Singa Besar.  Pulau Beras Basah was where we were supposed to snorkel but due to miscommunication, we missed it.  The boys had a swim and frolicked for a while at the white sandy beach.  Without any toilet, this beach was surprisingly filled with soft and fine sand.  

                                                      The boys had about an hour swim at Wet Rice Island

Our next stop was a fish farm where we were supposed to see some of the biggest and most aggressive fishes.  Truly enough, the fishes were swimming aggressively as they were being fed.

Eagle-feeding is something new to us.  Although it was just a short sighting of the birds feeding themselves on the food thrown by the boatmen as we were in our boat, it was an eye-opener for us. 

Pulau Dayang Bunting was our last stop. If you believe in myths, this island was named after a pregnant maiden.   

                                                    Pulau Dayang Bunting (Island of the Pregnant Maiden)
                           Imagine a pregnant woman lying down with the head on the right of this picture.  

                                                             Dayang Bunting Marine Geoforest Park

                                                                     The scenic jetty at the Geoforest Park

                                                                         Let's snap first before we swim

Who would not be tempted to snap some pictures here at the scenic jetty f this beautiful island? 

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