Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The best joke book for the family

As usual, Wyng was babbling about jokes from his favourite joke book.  He had been rattling during the weekend, at home and in the car.  Even when we were eating at the table outside, he couldn't stop telling his jokes.  Talking about grabbing attention!

Somehow, this time, his Qo Qo bothered to entertain him and answered his jokes which start with a riddle-like question.  Now, this is hilarious to me.

At the table, Wyng was still enthusiastically pestering us with his jokes. Although his parents ignored him, we couldn't stop laughing when he gave out the 'funny' and 'senseless' and 'impossible-to-guess' answers.  Wyng just couldn't stop despite being told not to do so.  While all of us were waiting for our dinner to be served at the restaurant, Wyng took the golden opportunity to ask us another question.  Probably due to the fact that not many riddle jokes are easy to answer, Daddy replied to one of Wyng's questions which sounded like this.

"If a dictionary goes from A to Z, what goes from Z-A?"
When we thought that nobody was listening and bothered to answer, Daddy quipped, "Zebra!" not expecting the answer to be correct.
"Yes!" Wyng smilingly responded.

Hoe and I were amazed with Daddy's intelligence and ability to answer Wyng's jokes.  This even motivated Wyng to continue to ask us more jokes.  For a particular joke, he said, "I already said a lot, you all were not listening just now."

Then, came a joke riddle which sounded like this.

"What is in the centre of gravity?"  This instantly rang a bell in Mom's head.
In just a second, yelled Mom, "V!", much to the amazement of Wyng and Daddy. Hoe was still pondering why was the answer so.

Cackling at the dinner table, this was a nice ending to Wyng's jokes for the night.  Our plates of food were slowly served, one by one.

Wyng's jokes actually managed to tickle our funny bones although we may be, at times, slightly irrirated by this relentless 'joker'.  At times, we can't help it but laugh when he revealed the 'absurd' and 'unguessable' answers to his riddle jokes.  This make us 'dread' answering his riddle jokes.  But, one lesson I learn is such laughter and joy can only be felt when the entire family gets involved, to laugh together, no matter how silly the jokes are.

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