Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Don't leave home without your Mykad at Langkawi

With your Mykad, the entrance fee is cheaper. We were able to enjoy discounts at two places at Langkawi, the Underwater World and the Cable Car but not the kids as we don't carry their Mykads around.  The savings is RM10 with a Mykad at Underwater World.

Not wanting to forego the opportunity to visit the steepest cable car in the world, our enthusiasm drove us to rise early to be the first few at the Cable Car ticket counter.  We were not the firsts but still okay as the crowd was starting to build. Here, you can see the queue spilling to a portion of the Oriental Village.

The cable car station is right inside Oriental Village

A panoramic view of the island from the cable car
Wyng, always the intrigued one, 'wow' at almost every angle.
I'm 700 metres above sea level
The spot to enjoy a breathtaking sunset

Hoe couldn't resist snapping away with his Dad's camera.
The deck at one of the stops when we took a ride in the cable car
At each stop, three altogether, visitors have the chance to disembark from the cars and enjoy the mesmerising view of the panoramic mountain and sea view.  Shutterbugs will be snapping away whilst other holiday makers will breathe the freshest air and breathtaking view all 360 degrees.

The sky bridge which was closed for maintenance
This is the attraction which brought us to Langkawi and yet we didn't get to enjoy it. Perhaps, a second visit will make our dream realise.

The crowd-puller deck for a glimpse of the stunning view of the sea and mountain
Guess what! Mom shunned getting onto these kinds of decks.  Somehow, I develop a fear of stepping onto such concreteless deck or platform regardless of the view that I get to enjoy.  If I get to see the mountain or sea below my feet, no way! Perhaps, the closure of the sky bridge is a blessing in disguise for me.  Even if it is opened, I believe I wouldn't dare to walk on it.  Sigh....My guts only allow me to settle for the concrete platform such as the one below.  This is safe enough for me.

Our final spot before leaving this beautiful island was the Crocodile Farm.  Not something that Mom fancies as I was resting at shady spots while waiting for the boys and Daddy walking around the reptile farm. We got to witness how workers transferred two crocodiles from one enclosure to another. Not an easy task to move them although the enclosure was just next to each other.

No tail porosus
Where are the mating crocodiles?

A stuffed reptile at the education corner
Well, that's the end of our trip at Langkawi.  A pleasant surprise awaited us as we were given VIP seats in the ferry.  This was much less crowded than the normal seating.

Overall, we enjoyed our trip and the kids want to go back again to this beautiful and interesting island.

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