Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My kid was infected twice in 32 days

In September, he was down with sore throat, a cough and fever.  As expected, he was prescribed with antibiotics, cough and fever medicine. As a result, he missed school for two days.

One month and three days later, he was defeated again, this time by a different type of germs, according to the doctor.  'His throat is very red' so said the paeditrician. Still having some of the remaining fever tablets, he was prescribed with the 'must-have' antibiotics.  The doctor is right when he gave him 3 days' MC. In my mind, I was wondering whether the doctor was being too generous with giving MC. 

True enough, Wyng was really sick this time. He slept most of the time from day 2. On the first day, he was too addicted to TV that he wanted to 'nap' in front of the TV.  With my insistence, he napped for a few hours in the day time.  On day 2, he was really conked out. Feeble, he was almost bed-ridden, he didn't even ask for his favourite TV.  He could only take in less than 5 spoons of noodles in the morning and a very small portion of porridge in the evening.  I've never seen him in such condition.  Either the medicine is working in him or he just wasn't resting enough on day 1. 

Thankfully, the doctor gave him sufficient MC.  Now, I have no doubt about this paeditrician.  Wyng needed the third day away from school.  Although he's chattier, he is still not healthy to spend the whole day in school.  After 3 days of battle, he's lost so much of weight from the look of his face and tummy.

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