Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Humpty Dumpty Mom had a great fall!

This was an accident I posted in my lost blog in 2008.

What was supposed to be a normal evening after dinner turned out to be a minor 'mishap'. After dinner, I took the kids for a stroll at our condo. Trying to add some fun to a dull evening, I thought of a wild idea to play hide-and-seek with Wyng. I gestured to Hoe who was behind me to hide from Wyng's sight when Wyng was a few steps ahead from us.

In another 30 seconds, we went to the original spot where we parted from Wyng. He was not there! Panic overtook me. The next thing was we heard Wyng screaming for 'Mommy!Mommy!'. Sending Hoe to one side of the condo to locate his brother, I went to the opposite end.

The clumsy side of me had almost lost her sharp senses of her surrounding. Not noticing the few flight of steps in front of me, I almost lied flat on the ground after a few balancing tripping steps forward. I landed on my stomach with my left hand stuck under a door with a rather soft metal door leaf. I felt like one of those emergencies in '911' TV programme.

Any slightest move of my hand triggered sharp pain. I yelled to Hoe which he screamed with echo telling me he's gotten Wyng and on his way. I was groaning in pain, the more I pulled my hand trying to release myself, the worse the pain got. Rescue came when a young lady passed by. She tried to help me lift the door leaf as it was locked. Realising this wouldn't actually help and with all the courage that I could gather then, I pulled my hand away from the door leaf.  I was overwhelmed that I didn't even remember whether I thanked the lady.

By then, my guys were back with me. My hand was shaking and I could feel the pain peaking in the first few seconds but slowly subsiding. Probably, it was because my guys were safe and sound beside me, other pain and discomfort didn't matter anymore so long my guys are safe with me.

I picked myself up and confessed to my guys that Mommy learnt a lesson. No more hide-and-seek next time. Only in the next hour or so did I realise the bruises that I suffered (as pictured) and I could even feel the pain on my knee and joint of both my big knuckle toes. The toes must have been hurt when I tripped on one of the steps. The knee must have suffered from the impact of falling down.

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