Saturday, November 19, 2011

Starting the holidays with Kumon

The kids were full of enthusiasm when I decided to sign them up for Kumon Maths. Hoe is not new to Kumon, having attended their Maths classes for a year.  He quitted after having trouble completing his daily worksheets alongside with his school homework then.

I have decided to let Wyng try Kumon after quitting his short course in Olympiad Maths. Both were very excited when I enrolled them two weeks ago.  Yesterday was their first class in the centre.  Wow! the centre is packed with hopeful students. 

It was Hoe's idea to join Kumon this time.  Daddy has no problem 'investing' in him. He wants to occupy his time with something useful, it seems. So, Mom is okay with it as long as Daddy is not complaining about the additional commitment. Afterall, Kumon can play a role in instilling discipline and a sense of focus in this boy, not to mention helping him to excel in Maths.

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