Friday, May 27, 2011

If only I put in more effort

For the first time since he started school, he scored 100% in BM. Generally, it's no big deal that a primary student manages to score full marks in their test. But, for my kids, it is worth 'shouting' about it. Despite compliments from people close to me that my kids are smart, this doesn't show very prominently in their academic results.

He got 76% in BM in the first term. And that was without my 'interference' in his studies. Despite devoting full-time in guiding other children, I neglected my own kid.

So, setting some time for him, I gave him some guidance after the first term. I also gave him a few exercises as well as flash cards. Not to say that I am not giving credit to his tuition teacher who gave students many past year worksheets to do, if only I can spend more time with him, he would definitely be an A-scorer, a strong one.

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