Monday, May 30, 2011

Things to do during school holidays

Yeh! It's holiday time! What I would like to do during the holidays? And the holidays is only a week for me as I will still be pre-occupied with my home venture during the first week.

* Go for my long overdue medical check-up. 'The most vulnerable part of a female' is at high risk for me as I've put this off for more than two years, as far as I can remember.
* Go for my hair-cut
* Fix the problem of my car. Even new cars have problems and this is a manufacturing defect, I suppose.
* Clean up the house. Some areas are not so visible to guests in my house and need cleaning or else they will turn to stubborn stain, cleaning while they are still fresh is advisable.
* Baking. I promise Wyng I will bake some cup cakes. I hope H can help me to do the tedious and messy washing after that.

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