Monday, July 16, 2012

Burger for dinner

Nothing unusual but it's a first for the family by the roadside!  Where else if not at Wangsa Maju's Kaw Kaw Burger.

RM10 for a meal set consisting of a burger, 2 sausages and a drink, still not too costly la.. But, if you ask me to stand in the long queue to wait for a meal, I'm afraid my hunger pangs cannot beat my impatience.

Hoe gave a 'best' rating for this meal. Wyng? I believe, it's ok for him as he was already half full after taking the 2 sausages.  Grandma who was with us (but did not take burger) commented that he should not have eaten the sausages first for they filled his stomach too soon before he even savoured the juicy burger.  Grandma only had char kueh teow, Malay style for dinner, available at a nearby stall which hardly had a single customer.  The serving was too small for her and it was for a RM4. A burger is better only if I can convince her to take this forbidden food.

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