Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Press charges against neighbours

Staying in this neighbourhood is becoming stressful with the presence of certain 'hooligans' who choose to disturb the peace of the residents for their own pleasure.

I'm beginning to realise the disadvantage of staying in a house where there is a small area right in front of the house.  This area is being abused as a football field! Not because there is low traffic but this is just a walking distance from where the hooligans stay.

You can see ball flying as high as the height of a double-storey house. The impact of the ball falling on any unlucky car is enough to cause a damage.  Pray hard! That's all I can do, most of the time.  Telling them off doesn't work, that is how they got their names, hooligans!  So, what happen to the parents of these hooligans whose age range from middle primary to early secondary kids.  I believe either they don't give a damn because the area is safe from their own houses and no damage will be suffered by them. Or, they are also no different from their offsprings. 'Like father like son' holds true most of the time.

Come most evenings, whenever I hear balls bouncing, I start to panick.  Can't blame it as I slowly develop a phobia to balls.  If my car is parked outside our home,a great chance it will not be spared.

Breaking a car window (happened to my next-door neighbour when they just moved in), breaking a car bonnet (which belonged to one of the hooligans), flower pots, banging gates, hitting cars parked by the roadside are just common.

Wyng, sensing my annoyance and I believe he too disturbed with their stubbornness, suggested an action that I should take.  It happened after the ball banged my new gate.  A great thud ensued but upon interrogation, none of them admitted kicking the ball to my gate.

"Mommy, ask them to pay la if they break our things."

"How to do that when they don't admit doing it?"

"Press charges against them la..."

I guess even Wyng can't stand the hooligans' notoriety.

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