Monday, January 2, 2012

A wet holiday to remember - Part 2

The time the kids had been waiting for had arrived. We were finally at Bukit Gambang Water Park. 

Shunning the sun, I found a nice, cosy spot while the kids and Dad scurried to the rides. I nested there for a good two plus hours with only my books and netbook as company.  And of course, my groundnuts and orange juice.  Being a cashless theme park, Dad had bought some credit while I didn't.  One thing I like about this theme park is the availability of rest areas (called Cabana, as pictured here on the top right) for rental.  But, we were not early enough to get one.

This water park claims to have the biggest wave pool, Coco Beach.

After a good three-hour wait, Mom finally welcomed the kids and Daddy back from their fun and joy at the park.  As usual after dipping and playing in the water, all of them ate like horses.  The boredom of waiting and exposure to the sun were worth it as they gave a verdict of 'great fun at the park'.

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