Monday, October 8, 2012

Our first vegetarian dinner

It's the first time we had vegetarian dinner ever since Wyng was born.

This restaurant is located at Taman Maluri, along Jalan Jejaka, can't miss this.  It sells a fusion of Japanese and Chinese food.

Wyng's choice, his favourite sushi.
Vegetarian sushi
This traditional home-styles french beans is yummy. The minced meat tastes really rich.

French beans and minced meat
Hoe's favourite for this dinner meal was the Thai styled bean curd and french beans.  Good things are always not enough.  We couldn't get enough of these two dishes.
Thai style bean curd
Pork ribs..the taste if not bad but the texture is not porky, though.
Pork ribs
Similarly for this chicken dish.  The lemon sauce is okay, but again the texture is not so much of chicken meat.

Lemon chicken
Overall, we enjoyed this vegetarian meal.  Hoe even asked to come back for a second time. 

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