Friday, October 5, 2012

Mom gets stung everywhere she goes

I get stung wherever I go, at home.  By the blood sucking creatures.

In the living room whilst I am watching television. In the study room while I am surfing or at my PC.  I'm not even spared when I shower in my bathroom. Yes! there are mosquitoes even in my bathroom. While washing the dishes or cooking in the kitchen, I get stung too.  At the car porch, they stalk me while I hang or collect the clothes.

So, what's the solution? I seldom get bitten by these blood suckers in my bedroom ever since I have the electronic mosquito repellant.  Once in a while, I spot one or two in my room. But somehow, they don't really bother me.  So, the repellant works, in a way.

I used to dab a little repellant cream on my leg and hand while watching TV. During the daytime, I despise any stickiness on my hands or legs. Moreover, applying anything on the hands when I need to cook is definitely not a hygienic thing to do. So, I'm kind of vulnerable to these creatures during the daytime.  

Now, lately I resort to this Antimos mosquito repellant which seems to work. I've been using this for the past one week.  It's tidy and handy.  I take it almost wherever I go except to the kitchen and bathroom.  I may have to get more of these repellants as the only one I have is given to me by my sister.

At the point of blogging this, there are already a few red swollen spots on my legs. 

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