Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Am I doing too much for my kid?

Tomorrow is the last day of the PMR exam.  After tomorrow, it will be havoc for our home as Hoe will be declared 'free' from the major exam, for at least another year.

Wyng's last day of the final year exam will be on Tuesday. So, which means Tuesday afternoon will spell a topsy turvy home come afternoon when Wyng reaches home from school.  Hoe will be off on Tuesday as he doesn't need to sit for the Chinese Paper.

As of now when I'm blogging this, I've just completed a marathon of downloading and scanning sets of questions for Hoe to do.  It was a last-minute thing to do as I notice Hoe wasn't very strong in this Living Skills paper.  And, I've just discovered (after he told me yesterday) that he does not have any model papers except for the sets of questions from his school.  From what I gather, he doesn't seem to be able to achieve A for each set of papers he completes.

It was only yesterday that he requested me to download answers to a few sets of the other states' previous years' trial sets.  After a few unsuccessful attempts, I gave up.  His teacher gave the students questions without answers! So, instead of continuing the fruitless attempts, I volunteered to download the current year's trial papers of other states for him to do.  All in, I've downloaded questions from five states for him.  Sigh..each set took about half an hour to do, excluding downloading time.

Even Hoe said I'm too enthusiastic and diligent downloading the papers.  I hope Mom is not too overly diligent in this case as Hoe is the one sitting for the exam.  I told him he had deprived me of my weekend relaxing.  "Sorry, sorry.." Hoe kind of murmured apologetically.   " I just want hard work from you, not a sorry." was all I could say.

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