Sunday, February 23, 2014

Trading in an iPod

He traded in his iPod for a Samsung S3 without our knowledge and consent. Well, it's not that he always gets our consent before making his decisions. My only surprise was the source of the money needed to top up the price difference between the trade-in value and the 'new' phone. And, of course, it was done with quietly without even him mentioning about it. 

When questioned,  he said he went to Low Yat after school and traded it in. I probed and got to know he paid another RM200 to get a second hand S3.  The reasons he gave for doing this was that he needed a better phone than his old one.

Subsequently, I got to know that he got the extra cash from his Chinese New Year angpow money. With a smart phone, I could only foresee more deliquent behaviour from him.

Delinquent Hoe

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