Monday, May 14, 2012

He can spell so many words in one night!

This was posted on 12 December 2008 in my previous blog.  Here is a reposting.

Wyng was 5 years and 3 months when this was posted earlier.

I was really amazed with Wyng's achievement with word spelling. One night (about a few weeks ago) I was only testing if he could spell some new words. He may have learnt those words in school as I have not introduced those words as a spelling exercise though they are not entirely new to him as he may have seen them whilst reading story books.

I wrote those few words in flash cards. They are:







(I don't know why my mind went blank and seem to be lost for animal words.It could be due to fatigue.)

Guess what was Wyng's reaction when he saw this word 'owl'. 'Easy la that word'.

He didn't need any guidance on how to read these words. He could read all of them. Next, I proceeded to test him on spelling. I started with the 3-letter words, then 4 and then the others. 3-letter words pose no challenge to him. Even the 4-letter words do not seem to deter him. And, the exercise went on with NO mistakes as I tested him to spell the words, alternating between the easy one and new or harder ones. It was such a productive night with Wyng.

I introduced a new word play concept to him. I told him that 'owl' can be jumbled up to make 'low'. He was amused, as usual and repeat after me.

The next morning, just to ensure he's solid enough to master those words, Mom gave him the same test again. He passed with flying colours!

Lessons # 46 - Sow diligently and you shall reap.

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