Wednesday, May 16, 2012

He's settling down very well

Familiarizing himself with his new school
Making sure he knows where to wait for his transport home
The school's temporary canteen while the new one is under contruction
Waiting place for parents
Settling Wyng in his new school was not a problem at all, much to Mom's relief.

I didn't even need to accompany him on the first day at this new school.  After meeting his form teacher and sending him to his new class, I had prepared to spend at least half or one day at his new school, thinking of helping him to settle down or familiarize with the new environment.

When I returned to his class after buying him some new workbooks and other stuff, he was already in "good hands".  He had an assistant, helping him to write his name on his new exercise books.  His enthusiastic classmate seated behind him gestured to me to let him join Scouts when I asked Wyng whether he prefers Scouts or St. John's.

He even has a guide to show him around the new school.  His new classmate even told me which is the shorter way to the male toilet when I went to visit him during recess.  Wyng is definitely not lost and well taken-care of, I was assured when I saw his classmate taking him to the canteen during recess.  He had suggested that I went home as he didn't need me to be around anymore.

By the second day, he seems to have familiarized himself with the new environment.

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