Thursday, April 7, 2016

How much to tell them about pornography ?

Wyng asked me "What's porn? "

I had to pause for a noticeable moment to think of an appropriate response. "Ha.?" then I asked him where he got to learn about this word. He told me the word was brought up during a speech by a speaker who regretted that he was obsessed with porn when he was younger.

I could recall as I was writing this post that I did not give him any accurate answer.  It was kind of disappointing, my verdict of myself of how I handled the situation.

Desperate to find out how to explain this to my son, I even resorted to asking my students when they understood this taboo term.  It was not even a direct answer from them , but all I gathered is they got to know this term around the age of 15 or 16 and could even be earlier.

Still not giving up, I stumbled upon this video on Facebook.  It was just so apt. It's about explaining pornography to our kids.  I shared this video to Wyng via Whatsapp.  Hopefully, he did watch the video and by now has a better idea of what this thing is all about.

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