Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mom is a parasite

It happened last month on the second when Hoe's aunty ie my sister dropped by our house.  My sister's daughter ie my niece works in Singapore and occasionally her mom drops by my house and chats with her on my smart phone.

My niece suggested using Hoe's iPod to chat on Facetime as the reception was clearer.  Despite Hoe's objection, I borrowed his iPod.  After chatting for more than one hour, Hoe asked us to hang up as our chatting had caused the wifi connection to be lagging and disrupting his online games.

Of course, we did not bother much and continued chatting. On and off, he came over to us and urged us to end our call which we of course ignored as we were too engrossed in catching up with each other.

At last after two unsuccessful verbal attempts to stop us, he walked over to my sister and 'snatched' his iPod from her hand. He blurted these at the same time, "You took advantage of me. You used my iPod and talked for so long. You are like a parasite."

Lesson to Mom: When the kid is in a computer game, he will do whatever it takes to get undisrupted access to it.  They will not hesitate to tell anyone, be they his parents or siblings, off just so as he can enjoy his games.  Let's put it this way,  kids are 'blind and deaf' to their real surroundings when it comes to being in a game. So, it's best that Mom stay away from them if she doesn't want to get 'hurt' by them. 

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